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One Year Old!

By leaving this blog inactive for over three months, I’ve already broken one of the rules I set for myself when I started this project, and, by writing a “personal” post, I’m about to break another. Writers get to cheat every once in a while, I suppose.

I want to apologize for the inactivity, but I’ve been busier than expected. In January, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine invited me to present this summer about the “God’s House Divided” series formerly on this blog (now removed due to copyright concerns). I enthusiastically accepted and launched into an eight-month period of research that took up more and more of my time. Consequently, I had to set aside my posting for a while, but now that it’s over I hope to return to writing more regularly.

Bad posting habits aside, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. The presentation went superbly, and I’m preparing to write a publication about the topic I discussed. More recently, I received a notification from WordPress that this blog is a year old. Granted, three months were “cheating” since I didn’t post anything, but nine months is still longer than I expected to keep up this habit.

This blog has also covered much more ground than I expected (and much less than I’ve wanted to) over the last twelve months. We’ve watched intellectuals face off against German tyrants, and we’ve seen tyranny’s effect on the arts in China. We’ve delved into the story of Harpers Ferry in the Civil War, and we’ve celebrated the National Park Service’s centennial anniversary (which, incidentally, is officially this weekend). At Halloween, we explored werewolf folklore, while most recently we’ve discussed an attempted coup in Peru. Ancient Roman and medieval myths have been dispelled, and we’ve been introduced to five very awesome medieval women.

On the literature side, the “Turn the Page Thursday” series has brought to light and reviewed a handful of books: some good, some not so good. The “Short Story Spotlight” series has taken us to pre-world-war Europe; folkloric Norway; the Poroth Farm, Vastarien, and R’lyeh; and the depths of humanity’s deepest desires.

Altogether, it’s been a fun year. As we move forward, I plan to finish (soon!) the current series on Byzantine emperor Alexios Komnenos. I’d also like to tackle some more short stories, beginning with one of the earliest semi-sci-fi pieces in Western literature. The “Turn the Page Thursday” series will also be returning soon, and I think it’s time to finally unveil the Poet Spotlight feature I’ve been planning since last summer. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for hanging around. Here’s to another great year!


Image: Typus Orbis Terrarum, by Abraham Ortelius (c.1570)

2 thoughts on “One Year Old!

    1. Thanks, Rob! I’ve really been enjoying your work lately, as well. I’m working on the final post in the current series, then I plan to maneuver away from Byzantium for a bit, although I’d like to do “8 Myths about the Byzantine Empire” before the year’s over!

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