History and literature aren’t useless.

While they don’t always net you the biggest paycheck, they’re important for a well-rounded life. Even though history is mostly about dead people and literature is usually about fake people, they help us as living people.

People in times past weren’t just names on a page; they were actual human beings. Their situations were different from ours, but many of them wanted things similar to what we want today: safety, justice, health, love, influence, etc. Some of them thought similarly to us. When we look at how they did things, we can understand more about ourselves. Every time we remember them, we gain a deeper insight into what it means to be human.

History can also be fun. It’s a story, and I’ve found that most people can get as much enjoyment from that as they do from fiction.

Literature is very much the same. Although the people who fill the pages of fiction (usually) never lived, they reflect our desires, fears, trials, hatreds, and loves. When we understand them, we understand ourselves.

Plus, “literature” might be classic, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Find something you love and read for fun! It might not be the deepest material, but it’s worth it if you enjoy it. You still might learn more about yourself along the way.

I’ll be blogging periodically about history and literature (in this case, works by both modern and “classic” writers) from around the world. Periodically, I’ll review a book from any genre as part of the “Turn the Page Thursday” series. I also do occasional features on short stories and interesting poetry, so I hope there’s something here that will interest you.

Enjoy your visit!


Author's pictureEditor by day, historian by night.

I enjoy history and literature so much that I majored in them, graduating in 2015 with a B.A. in both. My interest began early in life, when I started studying the American Civil War with my father and brother. Over the years, I expanded my historical horizons and developed a love for writing poetry and reading any kind of book or literature that I can get my hands on.

In the past, my research has received academic awards and recognition. More recently, I had the honor of lecturing at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. I currently have an article about the American Civil War in press, and I am working on a book about clergymen and their congregations during the war years.


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