History and literature aren’t always pretty, to say the least. Various parts of history and written work contain elements that can be viewed as offensive or discriminatory in some way.

I’ll say it now: neither I nor the existence of this page support those elements.

That said, even though these subjects contain ugly qualities, it’s important that we don’t hide from them. We don’t have to glorify that they exist, but we should acknowledge them and understand that they are often products of their time. People in the past didn’t share our tolerance for race, religion, culture, gender, or any other category we use to define ourselves. Today we understand that discrimination and hatred are wrong, but people in the past didn’t always think that way. In most cases, they weren’t trying to do ugly things—that’s just how things were.

While that doesn’t justify what they did, we still need to view the past objectively. It’s perfectly fine for us to point out historical injustices, but we have to recognize that they happened, confront their consequences, and continue in our study. They’re unfortunate parts of our past, but we need to learn about and understand them instead of running from them. We need to preserve the story of the past and past works, both good and bad, so we can learn from them.

This blog will examine periods, events, and works of literature that contain such content. It is meant neither to offend nor to reflect my views. I plan on viewing historical events and literary works as a whole and exploring them as a product of their time without approving of the negative content. I hope you will be just as willing to do so.

Finally, I want to make things absolutely clear: I do not support the hatred of or discrimination against any person or group of people, especially based upon the traits that they use to define themselves.


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