Here are some great sites the deal with history and/or literature. More will be added periodically, so stay tuned!

Find Your Park

The site of the Find Your Park campaign, where you can search for national parks to visit, connect with other visitors, and see upcoming events at parks across the country. The United States National Park Service turned 100 this year, and they’ve invited everyone to celebrate with them!

Literary Starbucks

A comical blog about what authors and fictional characters would be like if they went to Starbucks.

A great site if you’re interested in the middle ages. Their topics cover everything, from technical discussions of Church politics to lighter explorations of the Middle Ages in today’s popular culture. Definitely worth a look!

The Perfect Captain

Free* tabletop strategy and war games based on historical topics. The designers strike a good balance between historical accuracy and entertainment. Grab one of their products: stretch your brain, have fun with some friends, and explore history!

*Instead of charging for their products, the designers encourage you to donate to charity or volunteer in your community.

Poetry Foundation

The site of the Poetry Foundation, an organization that publishes Poetry magazine and works to promote the appreciation of poetry. They’ve got resources for teachers and a massive collection of poetic works that you can view for free.

Wynning History

My friend and colleague’s own work as he explores the past. It’s definitely a great read, especially if you’re interested in Pennsylvania history and the Civil War.


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